While many of us can barely survive the familial stress of Thanksgiving, these crafty siblings share the same LLC!

Planet Ogie was created by sister-brother team, Andi and Kyle Kilness, in 2008. In their earliest years, the duo discovered a love for playing in the dirt, growing plants and building forts with bed sheets and “HE-MAN” beach towels. Nice to know growing up can stay this fun!

Far more than a handcrafted toy, Ogie’s represent a way of life, encouraging children and adults alike to explore nature, plant gardens and dig dirt.   They come carrying Magic Ogie Beans for planting in the garden, and for every Ogie sold a portion of the profits goes to the purchase of  garden-starter kit for inner city elementary schools across the nation through their “kids dig earth program”.

We love to smile and this duo has our grins non-stop and ear-to-ear!

Kyle dodges taxis while cycling around Brooklyn, New York, takes good care of his urban rooftop garden and sings in the shower. Andi lives, sews, plants and grows in Denver, Colorado.

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